Monday, November 16, 2015

The Object Of My Affection

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Sometimes it's fun to switch it up a bit. And sometimes I'm just lazy and would rather have my sister write. So here I give you, my first guest blogger, Bailie Land.

The object of my obsession affection

Do the words: ER, Grease, Lois and Clark, Remington Steele, Star Wars, books, running, Shang (from Mulan, duh), liquid tights, S’well bottles, Zumba, (the list goes on) mean anything to you? #probznot. You’re looking at a short list of some of my past and current obsessions.

Let’s face it, we all have our things that we love. Sure, you see a movie that’s really good and tell some of your friends, maybe even go a step further and give it a nice rating on Rotten Tomatoes…but then you go along living life.

Or, you get a new water bottle (that keeps liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 – um MAGIC) and just go about your day.

Or, you see a character in, let’s say, a Disney movie about a young girl who needs to bring honor to her family and dresses as a solider to fight the Huns (so vague) and think, that Shang guy was pretty cool. And then YOU LEAVE IT AT THAT.

I’m not a specialist, but I think those are pretty normal reactions.

Cue the Broadway music, hit the lights and ever-present dance moves…

Enter, yours truly.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not Swim Fan, so just stop that thinking right now…seriously, STOP**

  •  I can’t wait for a movie to end so that I can Wikipedia the heck out of it for all of the facts. Um, seriously – how fun is it to Wikipedia old movie stars and then click on other stars related to them and then the movies they were in and then their kids…… oh, that’s not fun?
  • I openly tell people that I am a S’well bottle ambassador. (PS> that’s not a thing) But I feel like it is my mission in life to bring awareness to how amazing these things are! THEY KEEP YOUR LIQUIDS COLD FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!!
  • I became incredibly obsessed with ER while in junior high…to the point that I wore one of my dad’s white button up shirts and called it my doctor’s coat. Oh, and nbd, but I taped and labeled every single episode (thanks, TNT for the throwbacks) and might have cried when Cory taped over one.
  • Speaking of taping things, who else was totally in to The Adventures of Lois and Clark? I bet you figured out how to set the VCR in your condo in Florida to tape it, too. #Knewit.
  • But guys, we can’t forget the ever-popular, Remington Steele! Aka Pierce Brosnan’s greatest work! You may ask, “Uh, have you seen James Bond??” and I will say, “But, have you SEEN Remington Steele?
  • I saw Hairspray 10 (ten, T-E-N, 5+5) times in theaters. Like, by the time Zac Effron and Nikki Blonsky were doing the twist to You Can’t Stop The Beat…my heart was ready for another round of the movie. [Side note: Zach took me to my 5th viewing of Hairspray for our first date…see, the movie is magical]
  • I broke my VHS of Grease because I watched it too much. Um, I’m sorry I wanted to rewind the dance-off over and over to make sure I was doing the right moves when I performed it for my class in junior high school.
  • My parents grounded me from watching my box set of Star Wars movies  (the OGs – let’s not talk ep 1 right now, I’m having a pretty good day) one summer, because I started to talk about painting my room black and was talking to my life-size cutout of Han Solo. But seriously, Han was the U-L-T-I-M-A-T-E! But even more, I mailed in an application to be in the Star Wars fan club… haven’t heard back, but I’m claiming membership.
  • So, yes, I had a MAJOR crush on Shang from Mulan (I was young, people!!!!) His performance of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” was amazing. [Side note: Years later, I found out that Donny Osmond was actually Shang, and that pretty much cast a shadow over that brief period of my life]
  •  I’ve been reading so much that for a brief moment, I thought I was the character in my book. But that’s totes norms, right? That wasn’t this week or anything. Shout out to all my readers- HOLLA!

Actually, as I type this, I realize that these aren’t really confessions, because if you are around me enough – I have talked about all of these things because, hello – OBSESSED PASSIONATE.

Basically, when I get into something, I go all in. Who wants to be so nonchalant about things anyway? And seriously, who wants to drink out of a water bottle that only keeps your water cold for 10 minutes? 

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