Friday, February 26, 2016

Trust The Process

You may not laugh hard but maybe you will be encouraged or maybe you will never read something of mine ever again. I’ll take my chances. I’ll go back to random embarrassing stories of myself soon J

So these days I am pretty into every weight loss show - I need the motivation, people! From Biggest Loser to Fit To Fat To Fit, it's all the same thing. People have an eating addiction they’re trying to break to create a better life for themselves. At first they are REALLY motivated. They’re working out, changing their eating habits and dropping weight fast! Week 2 rolls around – only a 2lb weight loss. Okay, a little disheartening but it’s progress! They continue the next week going through the motions, but not as excited. Week 3 weigh in – NO weight loss!!! You watch how hard they work and they lose NOTHING. This is when they have a full on MELTDOWN. The trainer starts in on their motivational speech to pump them up - that’s usually when I start to zone out – but something caught my ear this time. The trainer said “trust the process”. You’re doing everything right, giving it your all but you aren’t seeing results yet?? Trust the process. This hit me. This happens to me (like as in this week) when I’m working out and eating healthy and see no results. And maybe I cry and contemplate breaking the scale and eating a box of Samoas.

But trusting the process doesn’t just pertain to weight loss. So you’re praying and believing for something and you think God is just not hearing you? Trust the process. You prayed for something that you needed at a certain time – trust the process. It’s not OUR way but it’s HIS!! Our plans are so insignificant in comparison to what He has planned for us. But we have to, trust the process.

For months, I had envisioned my wedding ceremony taking place at certain spot at our venue. An outside wedding, in a pecan grove, in the middle of March, in Oklahoma. You could call me a risk taker, or crazy take your pick (my mom will totally pick crazy. Sorry for the stress Mom!)  Two weeks before the wedding it snowed a good 3-5 inches. Then the day before it rained ALL day. Like did not stop, pouring down, flooding, type of rain. I had prayed and dreamt about this day and now everything was ruined. The morning of, I had to just let it go. What was done was done. There was no reason to be upset- I was getting married!

As I drove up to the venue I saw the most beautiful setting. The chairs were set around the circle drive with an amazing pergola adorned with the perfect flowers at the spot I would say “I do”. This was better than what I had envisioned. This was something I never even thought about! This was God saying, “Always trust MY process”. Earlier in the week we had marked the previous ceremony spot by a couple of orange flags. We still went out to take pictures in the grove and wouldn’t you know it – the only (HUGE) puddle was right in the middle of those orange flags. That’s something I would totally do if I was God.

This is just one of the many ways God has shown me how good He is. God may “screw up” your plans. You may question it and maybe even get mad. Stop. His ways are better. SO much better. Better than you could ever dream. So whether it be weight loss, financial needs, or a detail on your wedding day. Trust the process.